About Us

EVTEKS PERDE Founded in 2003 by Y. YILMAZ AND PARTNERS IN A QUICK INVESTMENT IN THE SECTOR WITH 480 DEALERS IN WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SERVICE IN THE SECTOR. PERDE, JALUZI, MOTORIZED CURTAINS, TULLE CURTAINS, UPHOLSTERY, MECHANICAL SYSTEMS, LIFT CURTAINS, WINTER GARDEN CURTAINS, IMPORTED WALLPAPER, WALL COVERING WITH YOU TO BE HAPPY TO SERVICE. Quality in the sector: Directly reflecting your lifestyle and taste, the importance of the curtain is increased when combined with the atmosphere of the environment. We do our job with this mission. Curtain is an art and requires elegance. EVTEKS We offer you quality and aesthetics together. Best Price: For over 14 years, our aim has always been to give you the best service at the best price. Adopting the principle of "Your satisfaction is our satisfaction", the customer portfolio of our company is expanding day by day. We invite you to join our happy customer portfolio, which benefits from our wide range of products. Customer Satisfaction: Your priority is your trust Your trust is more important than the work we do. We have many friends among our customers, we are proud of it. Trust is our most fundamental principle in our success. Product Support: Our company always supports you about the product before and after the sale. You can report any questions and problems to us through our website or through our phones. TEL: 0312 339 33 22 WHATSSAPP 0544 810 06 60

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